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This study is about Şemseddin Sivâsî and his life, his studies and ideas which are related to Islamic mysticism. With the entry, it is originated of two main parts. In entry, some information is given about political, cultural and religional position and Islamic mysticism in the sixteenth (16 th) century. Besides, a brief information is given about the history of Sivas where Şemseddin Sivâsî lived for thirty-four (34) years. In the first part some information is given about the life of Şemseddin Sivasi. Again, Semseddin Sivâsî and his scientific, literary and activities about Islamic mysticism are told and his works are introduced. Also, the studies about Şemseddin Sivasi's works are stated. In addition, to indicate his effects, some information is given about his caliphs and dervish order called "Halvetiye" which Şemseddin Sivasi is a member of. In the second part, most comprehensive part of this study, Şemseddin Sivasi's thoughts about Islamic mysticism are presented. First of all, some information about the term and the dictionary meanings of some concepts on Islamic mysticism is given. While introducing these concepts, some examples about Qur’an, hadiths and some of the ideas of Sufi’s are taken part. The thoughts and explanations of Şemseddin Sivâsî about these concepts related with Islamic mysticism are also transferred. Consequently, in some parts, the samples from his works related to some topics, are presented to enrich the subject.


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