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Ismail Fenni Ertuğrul’s Defence of Ibn al-Arabi and Wahdat-i Wujud

Ismail Fenni Ertuğrul who witnessed to the last priod of Ottoman and the first 25 years of Turkey ‎has written a book in the character that gives answer to critiques made on Ibn al-Arabi and ‎wahdat-i wujud. In this book publicated in 1928 he typically dealt with critiques concerning ‎wahdat-i wujud and Ibn al-Arabi who defends it and answered to those by benefitting from ‎different soruces. In this work putting forth what wahdat-i wujud is, Ismail Fenni explained its ‎relation to pantheizm and monizm which are philosophical thoughts. He, again, points out the ‎differences between wahdat-i wujud and wahdat-i shuhud developed by Ahmad Sirhindi. He tried ‎to answer to the objections directed towards existence view of Ibn al-Arabi by some Islamic ‎scholars. The list above are summerized in this study and in patches made comparisons with ‎othe works.‎


Wahdat-i wujud, wahdat-i shuhud, pantheizm, Ibn al-Arabi, İsmail Fenni Ertuğrul, existence.‎

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