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Quantum Physics and Sufism

The relation between Allah( God) and the world has attracted attention since the first ages and ıt has been the focus of interest. The world based universe idea of Batlamyus, who dominated Christian Europe for many years, has been replaced by solar based universe idea with the help of improvements in science. While the authority of the church on science was demolished by Newton principles, the position of the church was replaced by science and reason. This arrogant earth idea which is based on reasoning and summarized as the ability of science to solve everything was pre-dominating during the 1700s.
Although ıt was thought that everything could be solved by reasoning and physics theories a theory called Quantum emerged in the beginning of the 20th century which overturned all the known statements. This theory proved the fact that ıt was not possible to explain everything with Newton Principles and gave rise to the idea that reasoning wasn’t the sole authority and finally ıt caused mysticism to appear.
This new universe idea, explained by quantum with experiments, interestingly compromise with the universe ideas that islamic sufists have been trying to mention for ages. In this article, the similarities between these two worldly ideas about universe will be mentioned.


Quantum, sufism, universe, reason, religion.

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