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Sufi Texts

Sharia and tariqa are the paths for those who attain;
Haqiqa and marifa are within those (Yunus Emre)
Sufism is the effort to live Islam at the level of “ihsan”. It is the art of becoming a slave of Allah. It is a system targeting to raise perfect men.
Sufism invites man to know himself. Man is a being comprising body and soul. Similar to foods not being ignored for the body for a healthy life, food for the soul should also not be ignored. Sufism relates to man both for his spiritual world and material aspect.
The interest in Sufism has been increasing in the West day by day. The search for meaning in the inner world of the individual mediates people to encounter Sufism. In this regard, Sufism contributes in man’s effort to known himself. Spirituality is like an endless ocean. Man is a traveller on this path. The travel continues every moment, every second. There are destinations on this path. There are passages. Man reaches to God (al-Haq) at the end of the path. There are obstacles on the path, like the nafs, devil and the corporal world, which prevent man from reaching his destination. Man could overcome these obstacles through the training methods of Sufism. Therefore, the spiritual training is a need in this regard.
The humble work that you now have in your hands is a result of some articles we have written in relation to Sufism and published in various journals. Since the articles are related to different subjects, there is no coherence of topics. Some of the articles were published in various journals in Turkish. Some articles here are coauthored, which is indicated at he beginning of the article. I would like to extend my thanks to Mr. Ali Tenik and Mr. Muhammed Ali Yildiz, who permitted the publishing of the articles as a separate book. It is of no doubt that the greatest effort for the translation of these texts into English belongs to Ahmet Tunç Demirtaş and Salih Tahir. I praise Allah that such efforts of our brothers, who demonstrated the efforts to translate the texts into English without any charge, be accepted by Him as an ongoing charity.
And I take this opportunity to than my master Prof. Dr. Ethem Cebecioğlu, whose supports I felt in every field of my Works, with the hope that these humble articles will have a modest contribution in the field of Sufism.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Kalabadhi, Mevlana, Rumi, Akshemseddin, İhsan Tamguney, Esad Efendi, Remembrance, Dhikr, Socio-Psychology

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