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The PH.D. thesis “The Relation Between Language and’Haqiqah’ (Truth) According to Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi, The Problem of Expressing’Marifah’ (Gnosis )”written by M. Mustafa Çakmaklıoğlu take up, the introduction part of the thesis is an outlined account of the surrounding of Ibn Arabi, the geographical area and the circles in which he grew up and traveled, certain important milestones in his life, the education he was given, and the teachers that he was inspired from
The first part of the thesis is about the source and boundaries of wisdom according to Ibn Arabi within the framework of the general theory of’marifah’. An explanation is provided on the nature of the’revelatory wisdom’ which denotes, in the Sufi tradition, the applied knowledge of the metaphysical domain, and the marifah of the heart and imagination which helps man attain such knowledge. This part also defines such concepts that are used by the Sufis to express the said kind of applied wisdom as’wahy’ (revelation)-’ilham’ (inspiration),’tajalli’ (transfiguration),’keshf’ (exposure)-’mukashafa’ (unveiling),’shuhud’ (eye-witnessed presence)-’mushahada’ (observation), and’feth’ (conquest), and certain difference in the nature and use of such terminology is underlined
The third part of the thesis provides explanation on the certain Sufi states-of-being that are experienced, and the ways and means for expressing the’marifah’ that emanates from inside the Sufi as a results of such experiences. The ways and means for expressing an experience of’marifah’ differs according to the nature and extraordinariness of the undergone experience, the personality and circumstances of the Sufis, and also to the restrictions of the respective language. At this point, Ibn Arabi is a very outstanding author in the way he conceptualizes his experiences and certain forms of Haqiqah he has personally experienced, and in the rich and comprehensive terminology he has used in his work. Also in this part, one finds paradoxical, symbolic and gnomic expressions, shathiyyat (ecstatic ejaculations), and poetry as Sufi forms of expression.


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