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İbrahim Düzen, God, Universe and Human According to Aziz Nesefî (Ph.D The-‎sis), Adviser: Tahsin Yazıcı. İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Istanbul ‎‎1971, 250 p. ‎

The thesis comprises of one introduction, and three sections. ‎
In the introduction section, emphasis has been put on the life and works of Aziz Nesefi, ‎with remarks on resources mentioning Nesefi. Besides, his works are presented ‎separately. ‎
In the first section, Nesefi’s opinions are elaborated. Nesefi’s comprehension of being, ‎problem of being and God in terms of existence have been explained. Besides, the issue ‎of Being has been studied under the terms being- non-being, essence – form. In the last ‎part of the first section, attributes of Gods are explained. Highlighting the though of ‎God via divine names, God is explained in detailed over his names, Most ‎Compassionate (Rahman), Most Merciful (Rahim).‎
In the second section, human is studied. Initially information is provided about the ‎organic structure, spiritual constitution and character formation of human in terms of ‎his existence. In this section, Nesefi’s understanding of man against universe as well as ‎the descension (nuzul) and ascension (uruc) aspects in man’s existence have been ‎studied. Under the light of dynamic human, training and formation (suluk) of man, his ‎capacities / capabilities as well as the conditions of spiritual formation, suffering, ‎attraction issues are studied. Besides, in this section humans such as prophets, saints ‎and philosophers are compared. Concepts of oracle, miracle, revelation, inspiration, life ‎and death are explained from Nesefi's point of view. ‎
In the third section, issue of the creation of universe according to Nesefi is studied. ‎Three cosmoses, mulk (phenomenal cosmos), melekut (nomenal cosmos) – ceberut ‎‎(absolute cosmos), which are the stages of universe, and further three cosmoses, zat ‎‎(God's essence) , vech (God’s face) and nafs (self) stages have been explained. The ‎concept of Unity of Being according to Nesefi is explained in the integrity of God, ‎human and universe. Issue of Unity (vahdet), principles of the Unity of Being, being ‎and existent concepts are studied. Issues of manifest and non-manifest, that are the ‎two aspects of reality, have been studied. Besides, the issue of unification (of God) is ‎explained. ‎


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