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This work has been prepared as an introduction to the literature on Abdallah al-Ans?r? al-Haraw? (d. 481/1089); it contains three main chapters. The first chapter is titled as ?Sources and Biography? and includes a thorough assessment of the sources on Haraw's life. The second, ?Haraw? and His Works in the History of Sufi Thought?, engages bibliographical information about Haraw's major works, their editions, and their commentaries as well as Haraw??s contributions to the issue of states and stations (ahw?l and maq?m?t). ?An Introduction to Haraw??s Works: Sad Maydan?Text, Translation, and Commentary? is the last chapter. It contains our critical edition of the author?s first text on states and stations (ahw?l and maq?m?t), Sad Maydan (The One Hundred Fields), on basis of the extant manuscripts; a justified annotated translation of the text as well as its commentary, and a comparison of the similarities and differences between Sad Maydan and Man?zil al-S?ir?n. It is our contribution to the scholarship that we first proved on documentary evidence that Sad Maydan is an independent work of Haraw?. According to our findings, the work came to us not only through extant manuscripts, but also through Maybud??s Kashf al-asr?r and Ahmad-i J?m? N?magh??s (d. 536/1141) Uns al-t?ib?n. One of the remarkable findings of our study is that Sad Meydan?s fascinating influence on Ism?il Hakk? Brusaw? (d. 1137/1725); such that the latter quoted as much as one fifth of this work in his R?h al-bay?n via Kashf al-asr?r.


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