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Abdullah Bosnevi who lived between at the end of 16th and in the first half of the 17th century is one of the most important and effective defenders of wahdat al-wujud. All of his thoughts compose of wahdat al-wujud in general and the meaning maps of the terms existence-unity-absence and possibility in particular. In this context, this study which are examined the problem of existence-absence and possibility in terms of ontic and epistemic dimensions with reference to Abdullah Bosnevi presents his explanations about these concepts, new concepts produced by him and his approach. The first chapter of this study, which is designed as three sections, has been assigned to the concepts of "Existence" and "One" "which are the basic bases of Ibn 'Arabi doctrine. Accordingly, the historical course of controversies of existence till Ibn Arabi, the important breakpoints of the concept of existence are emphasized. Therefore, the archeology of the concept of existence before Ibn Arabi has been made and the background of it has been photographed. Afterwards, it is mentioned what the contribution to the problem of existence shaped by previous thinkers Ibn Arabi made. In addition, his thought about "Existence-One" and "Unity of Existence" with regard to Abdullah Bosnevi have been questioned. In the second chapter, the view of Bosnavi on the concepts of 'Existence and One' and the relations existence-possibility and absence with each other from various aspects have been analyzed. In the third chapter, the new expansions that he brought to the concept of absence have been opened to discussion.


Abdullah Bosnevı, Ibn Arabi, Being, Possibility, Non-Existance,
Analogy, Relation.

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