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The problem of dealing with intensive meanings in the nature of Fusūs by words have produced writing numerous commentaries on the work. Ibn al-Arabî collected his conclusive opinions on wahdat al-wucūd in his Fusūs. The relationship betwen God and nature is one of the main topics of the work. Abd al-Razzāq Qāshānī, one of the most important representatives Akbarī Wisdom at the 8 th century, taught it in Hankāh-ı Rab’-i Reşīdī and wrote a commentary on, which explains secrets of the work. Qāshānī, began his commentary by three short introductions that that describe the main concepts of teology. As he stated, these three introductions are essential to analyze other parts of the Fusūs. Since it is short useful commentary to understand Fusūs and is one of the first commentaries that is referred to by later scholars. The idea of wahdat al-wucūd and its esence is the main source of the commentaries to build their viws on. In this work, we prepared doctrinal text of Fusūs depending on author’s hand-script. We used two other copies that are written by author’s pupils in his courses and has been presented to the author, in order to get affirmation for the authenticity of the text. As Toshihiko İzutsu, Ebu al-A’lâ al-Afîfî and many other researchers have worked on printed copies of Qāshānī’s Sharh Fusūs al-Hikam, but since these copies does not depend on author’s hand-script and contain many serious errors, we referred to the manuscript. In order to be well understood, we used original verses of the Koran and hadiths, and compared the main sources historical events, poems, famuos philosophical and oracular allegations with their explanations and details in the footnotes. We checked hundreds of sources to get our references.


İslamic Mystisizm, Vahdet-i Vücûd, İbn Arabi, Abd al-Razzaq Qashani.

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